“Bridgium is the right choice for you!”


Users are the most important part of the Bridgium community. Bridgium application is here to improve their day-to-day interactions and professional encounters. 


If your first language is Sign Language (SL), or your friend or your boss's first language is Sign Language, we know it would be frustrating for you to easily communicate with them.

furthermore, if your SL is American Sign Language and you want to communicate with someone in France, how would you do it?


So, we recommend you to join our community. It is designed to solve these problems and many more.


The services users can receive via Bridgium Sign Language Interpretation application are:

Video call Interpretation

Video to Text Translation

Text to Video Interpretation

Voice to Video Interpretation


First, users choose their required service and submit their request. Then, Bridgium’s algorithm selects the most suitable interpreter, notifies the interpreters, and finally, the interpreter offers its service. In this way, users can choose their desired offer based on the price and interpreter's qualifications.


It should be noted that all of the interpreters are certified, approved by the Bridgium's Regional Community Builder (RCB), and reviewed by other users.