Let’s fill the gaps together

We are proud to announce Bridgium as the first interpretation application with all the major Sign Languages (SL). With Bridgium, all of the materials can be interpreted into SL to fill the gaps between Deaf and hearing.

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Our Features

What makes Bridgium different

Transparent financial system

Through Blockchain system your financial transactions are safe and secure

Always by your side

You can receive your service whenever and wherever you need

Customized Services

You can customize your service based on your need

Languages from everywhere

You can choose your desired language to receive your service

Our Services

Bridgium is what you need

From video calls to written texts, Bridgium is there to be your companion along the way with its services. Here are our 4-main services. Pick whichever you want and enjoy the journey.

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Video call Interpretation

For times you have an interview or a meeting in which you need an interpreter by your side, the option of having a video call is there for you!

Text to Video Interpretation

You have a written text and you need it to be interpreted to a video version of SL or another language? This is the service for you!

Video to Text Translation

For times like online classes or any other situations in which you need the materials of the video to be written down for you.

Voice to Video Interpretation

Having a voice memo or message and want it to be interpreted to a video in which you can use it somewhere or in a language you understand? This is the right service for you then!

Your feedback

You are our best supporters

We always appreciate your feedback and comments. Let us know what you think about our application

Download Our Application And Enjoy!