Filling The Gaps!

Bridgium is a bridge to embrace sign and sound, through certified and qualified sign language interpreters.

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Our Features

Why We Are Different

Transparent financial system

We have chosen blockchain technology to have a clarity on any financial transaction


Our services are on- demand and based on real time

Customized Services

You can customize your service based on your demand

Any Language

You can choose your desire Sign Language for your service

Our Services

You need Bridgium

Bridgium is an online platform where users(Deaf or Hard of hearing and hearing) can receive interpreters services through certified and qualified interpreters

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Video call service

You can request a video call to receive your interpreting service

Text to Video service

You can send a text and request a video interpretation service

Video to Text

You can send a video and request to receive text interpretation service

Voice to Video

You can request a video interpretation on a voice sent request

You need Bridgium

We are proud to be your companion

.Bridgium is an online platform where Deaf and hearing can get connected through Sign Language interpreters

Download Our Application And Enjoy!

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